Thursday, 17 April 2014

Strategy Quant - EA Analyzer 2

This EA strategy testing program takes the report produced after an EA test on MetaTrader, and gives you a great view of how well your EA really performed.

To name a few features: you can view statistics not found with the standard report given in MetaTrader; a person can export you trade list into a csv (Excel) file; EA Analyzer 2 also allows you to manipulated the trades made. Giving you a "What If" menu to change how your trades behaved. Were a person could exclude days/hours to be trading, change the number of lots, remove the highest/lowest profit trades, etc.

The program even has a couple of methods that could be applied to a persons EA, such as Equity Control and Monte Carlo. Both very useful in helping with EA profit and risk management.

But the best part of this program is that it is FREE!... Well, almost free. The Equity Control and Monte Carlo methods I described above are only available to taste, so you only get a portion of your EA analyzed with these two methods. But every thing else seems to be free of charge.

Now, I have only just scratched the surface in describing the tools this program has, so feel free to download it for free, and see for your self:

Strategy Quant 2 - EA Analyzer