Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Current Fractal System


  1. Daily Pivots
    - I keep the Daily Pivots indicator as a possible Support/Resistance point (I do not put too much
       emphasis on this indicator; more of a basic gauge of the market).
  2. Fractal Dimension Channels (0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 Dimensions)  - the green dashed line is the 2nd Dimension Fractal Channel, and is used as a possible stoploss point
        if I think that the 1st Dimension Fractal Channel is too close to the price; also used as a Major
        Fractal Breakout.
     - the purple dashed line is the 1st Dimension Fractal Channel, and I use this for stoploss points
     - the solid purple line is a very tight Fractal Dimension Channel I made using the same programming
        structure of the 1.0 and 2.0 Fractal Dimension Channel indicators (since it was tighter than the 1.0
        Fractal Dimension Channel I simply called it 0.5); I use this as my entry points.
  3. Fractal Histogram - in order to see the entry points more clearer I made this histogram to reflect the price breaking out
       of the 0.5 Fractal Dimension Channel; the blue lines represent the price breaking out above the 0.5
       Fractal Channel, and the red lines represent the price breaking out below the 0.5 Fractal Channel.
  4. CCI Histogram
    - this is used as a confirmation for my entry points; the colour of this indicator has to match the colour
        of the Fractal Histogram; if it does not do not enter a trade.