Monday, 24 October 2011

Review Forex-TSD: The Good, The Bad, The Overwelming

So I finally decided to subscribe to Forex-TSD, gaining access to their Elite and Advanced Elite sections. So far it has its good and bad points (remember: this is my personal opinion of the websites performance, and could be a more smoother experience for someone else):
The Good:
  • LOTS of indicators and Expert Advisers (EA), both inventive and useful (in fact, there are so many indicators/EA's on there website that it can be overwhelming; remember to stay calm and breathe)
  • Great ideas and theories posted on their forums
  • Very responsive to indicator/EA requests from other traders/payees
  • Indicators that are published on the wonderful magazine Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities (TASC); see My Top Websites.
The Bad:
  • Would be very convenient if the indicators/EA's were displayed and available for download in a new indicator/EA section, rather than tracking down the source. They did have such a section, but I was disappointed when the indicators/EA's where not available to download; even upon searching such indicators/EA's on there website I still could not find them. I sent an email to the administrator asking about this, but I haven't received any reply yet.
  • Often these indicators are not entirely new, in that they are one already-known indicator distorted to fit a new idea, or an old idea, ex. RSI with NonLag MA, or Stochastic with CCI and RSI mixed with a Hull Average, etc...
  • I also didn't have access to My Profile on the website, and every time I click it I get the 'Sign up for Elite/Advanced Elite section to get access' page. Also included this in my email to the administrator.
I do believe the bad points can be fixed, either with me finding a way around such problems, or the admin fixing a couple things for me. I also believe that if you have MetaTrader for a trading platform, then you would benefit to signing up to this website. It's a monthly payment of $40 (US) for the Elite Section, or $90 (US) for the Advanced Elite Section, and if you are already doing well with your trading then this payment should be a problem. In fact you could just go crazy and download as much indicators and EA's as you can for the month, and get out with only paying the one month fee.